A Lonely Valentine’s Day

With everything being pretty unfiltered on social media these days, most of us see our friends making plans for Valentine’s day, appreciating their partners and posting lovey-dovey posts about how much they love them. For someone who might be single by choice or due to whatsoever reasons, these posts and conversations can make you feel a tinge in your heart and make you long for someone in your life.

When you see the cheesy Instagram posts of partners getting their loved one a huge bouquet, chocolates, and sometimes even extravagant gifts like cars and diamonds…. in your heart you too can crave that special affection.

And then comes the cloud of misery, where you feel you are not good enough, hence, you question perhaps that is why you are alone. You feel depressed and even doubt your self worth as well.  First, you need to realize that it is not only you who feels this way at this time of year, rather one in three people are unhappy with their love-lives and one in four people wish they had someone to love.

Second, being single is a gift. This is the time to explore and understand who you are as a person and develop your personality better before you can invest in a relationship with the right person. So, if you feel lonely this valentine’s day and dread this time of the year, or even just need that pick me up, go through our tips below. We hope they will make you feel more confident and happier as an individual while helping you own that single status.

A party for one

Make this day all about you! No love is as essential as self-love. Just because you are single, does not mean you cannot celebrate yourself. You can either prepare an amazing home-cooked meal consisting of all your favourite dishes, put on some clean pyjamas and watch Netflix to your heart’s content. Even better would be to dress up in your hottest outfit and go out to dinner all by yourself. Remember to always reward yourself for being as awesome as you are.

Say I love you!

There are so many other people in our lives that we are unable to show appreciation to because of busy routines and hectic schedules. Ensure that this day becomes about them, show them your appreciation, shower them with gifts or even just remind them that you love them. These can be your girlfriends, guy-friends, siblings or even your parents. Anyone you feel needs your appreciation, this is the day for you to go all out and show them it.

Quit the socials!

In the fast-paced, insanely tech-dependent world we live in, quitting or taking a break from social media may seem like a task, but it can do wonders for your mental health. What people show on social media is just a fragment of their lives and personalities. This portrayal is usually altered and edited in a manner that seems extremely appealing to their followers when they too go through troubles and hardships just like everyone. However, because we see only what they want us to see, we tend to compare our whole existence to just that fragment that causes feelings of despair, worthlessness, and guilt. This not only deteriorates your mental health but also affects your self-esteem.

The next time these so-called perfect influencers post about the magical date they had or the expensive gifts they got, don’t compare or feel envious because not everything you see online is real. Disconnect instead and give yourself a break!

Speak to someone.

At times, the feeling of loneliness, worthlessness and despair can get too much to handle. It can become overwhelming to a point where you have had enough and may feel like giving up on yourself. This is when you need an intervention, through a friend or a loved one close to you. Reach out to them and let them know how you feel. Share your thoughts and emotions and let it all out. You cannot keep holding yourself back from sharing how you feel as it can ultimately build up into negativity. If you still feel like your social support is not strong enough to provide you with the care and support you need, consider getting professional help and therapy.

In short, don’t despair. Being Single on Valentine’s day is not the end of the world. You may feel lonely, but you are never alone!