Karachi-: November 4, 2021:-

With the 2nd annual Pakistan International Screen Awards (PISA ’21) only one day away, taking place on November 5th, 2021 at the majestic Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai, Mesmerise Events  – the organizers of the prestigious awards invited Pakistani and Emirati Media and bloggers to attend “the most star-studded press conference of the year”  on November 3, 2021, at 3 P.M, Tangerine Room Level 4, Sheraton Hotel, Mall of Emirates, Dubai.

The press conference essentially introduced the impetus behind PISA which is to acknowledge the stellar talent of Pakistan’s most celebrated artists from the Film, TV, Music, Fashion and Digital Content industries and honour them on an international platform under the aegis of organizers Mesmerise Events and its Founder and CEO Faisal Khan; and to introduce some of the star performers and hosts to the Media along with a Q&A session.

PISA has been heralded as “The Biggest Industry Awards Show for Pakistani Film, TV, Social Media and Fashion.”

Celebrity attendees from Pakistan at the Press Conference included star performers: actors Sheheryar Munawar and Mehwish Hayat; TV/Film star & host Faysal Quraishi, TV/ Film actor and host Ahmed Ali Butt; singer Umair Jaswal; TV actresses Faryal Mehmood and Amar Khan; the two emcee hosts, actors/producers Yasir Hussain and Vasay Chaudhry (Also PISA ’21’s Co-Scriptwriter) and Head of PR & Show Producer Frieha Altaf, (Founder and CEO of Catwalk  Event Management & Productions) who kicked off the Press Conference with a warm welcome to the audience filled with Media and bloggers.

When a blogger asked Faysal Quraishi about the creation of content and the impact of social media, he replied:
“Whenever content is created, someone somewhere puts their soul in it. We try our best to bring something unique and different to our audiences. Social media and the internet have made a massive impact to how we consume content. It has also allowed us to get instant feedback about our work. There is a big difference between content created for FTA (Free to Air) which has an audience vs that created for larger platforms. Quraishi added that he wanted to congratulate and give credit to the team behind PISA for bringing such a show back after Covid. “Let’s support each other, whichever community we are from,” he glowed.

When asked about choosing roles, Faryal Mehmood told the Media that she leant towards “good characters, who deliver great stories and whom women and girls look up to and which impact their lives.” The gorgeous actress added that she was thankful to the organizer of PISA; Faisal Khan, the Founder and CEO of Mesmerise Events for inviting her to Dubai where she enjoys her favourite dish of “mandi”.

In the same strain, Sheheryar Munawar who will be performing on the PISA ’21 stage on Friday explained how actors are constantly looking for heavy, impactful roles.
“I think all of us here are looking for that role of a lifetime. We have great content and actors and, in a few years, Pakistani content will compete at the global stage.” he exulted.

Mehwish Hayat was more direct and adamant about her future role choices.
“I have made a conscious decision to not do characters and roles where I am repeating myself,” opined the stunning film star who will also be performing on stage on Friday.

Vasay Chaudhry who will be co-hosting alongside Yasir Hussain and is also a co-scriptwriter with Waqar Zaka is not a stranger to PISA and hosted and performed at the first PISA show.
“I really enjoyed my last time performing at the first PISA awards where we had performed at Coke Arena.
When asked about the status of Cinema vs. the TV drama industry Chaudhry opined,
“Our cinema is quite weak due to the discontinuation of the industry between 2005-2012”
He added that nobody knew how Covid would impact the world.
“All of us gathering together after one and a half years is a landmark event thanks to Mesmerise Events and our host Mr Faisal Khan. I just want to have a good time with the people of Dubai. and I am personally excited about Sajjad Ali’s performance at the awards show!”
Chaudhry also thanked the Media.
“I want to thank all of you for coming all the way out here and listening to us all.”

Yasir Hussain called Frieha Altaf (Founder and CEO of Catwalk Event Management & Productions), “the ringmaster” and praised child prodigy Mustafa Khan who will be performing at PISA ’21 ” as a new upcoming artist and a future superstar.
Head of PR & Show Producer of PISA ’21 Frieha Altaf began by
thanking all the sponsors.
“It takes time for an award show to build its identity, so please be kind and give PISA time to grow and blossom. This show will be a fair and transparent award show all because of the tireless work done by Aamna Haider Isani (Editor Instep at ‘The News’ and Founder & Editor-in-Chief of ‘Something Haute’.
With 24 stellar PISA awards being deservedly bestowed in the fields of TV, Music, Fashion and Digital Content, the 2nd PISA ’21 is all geared up to dazzle and mesmerize!

We’re just one day away from the event, are you all ready for the final countdown?