Get To Know the Pakistan T20 Cricket Team

Cricket is a sport that is embedded quite deep within our veins. We simply can’t get enough! Despite football being more popular, the people of Pakistan want to see their own team perform in a globally renowned sport too. As such, Pakistan has had quite a colourful history when it comes to cricket and they are not afraid to showcase it. After all, none of us can ever forget the 1992 Cricket World Cup and the final win against England. It seems that given we win against Australia in the T20 Semi-Finals today, similar circumstances are to take place.

You must be aware of the old Cricket legends of the sport but what about the current residing champions? They, most certainly, deserve their moment in the sun. So, who do we have in the spotlight from the players of this T20 season?

Babar Azam

Born: 15th October 1994 in Lahore, Pakistan

Hailing from the walled city in Lahore, Babar still takes pride in his humble beginnings and often talks about playing cricket in the streets and being inspired by Kamran and Umar Akmal, formers Pakistani Cricket players, who also happen to be his cousins.

You might be coming across his name quite a lot this T20 world cup. He has certainly led the team through thick and thin with ferocious performance and impressive leadership. People should be made aware of our opening batsman and how he plays on the field. He is known to have a level-headed approach towards the game and knows how to handle opponents.

He is known for his record of the second quickest to 1000 runs in T20I. This season, he went head-to-head with India in the first match and left them wondering what had happened. Pakistan won by ten wickets! Neither he nor his second opener fell to the bowling end. His stats are quite impressive and he holds a special place in everyone’s hearts.

Mohammad Rizwan

Born: 1st June 1992 in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhutkhuwan, Pakistan.

He is yet another star player who deserves all the praise that comes his way. His performance throughout the T20 world cup has been immensely brilliant. Not only has he been able to hold his own in battle, but he has also supported his team to the max. You may not be able to find such players as him. He went against India, with Babar Azam, and ended up with victory on his hands.

He has the second-highest career batting average in T20I, with a record of 51.16. One may want to think twice before facing him on the pitch. Off the pitch, his role is as a wicket-keeper and he lives up to his reputation.

Shaheen Afridi

Born:  6th April 2000 in Landi Kotal, a town in Khyber District, Pakistan.

We all know who comes to mind when we hear this name. That is right; we are reminded of one of the best players of history, Shahid Afridi. However, Shaheen Afridi himself is on his way to becoming one of the best ones in history too. His bowling style differs from quite a lot of players and he manages to keep his cool despite any pressure. He may not be there quite yet but his journey is quite a fruitful one. His following, on social media, is quite high and he has also become a meme star! He is also Shahid Afridi’s son in law.

He holds the record for being the 7th fastest to 50 wickets in one-day internationals. Considering how many bowlers are present in the world of cricket now, this is one impressive record. To be among the top ten alone is an achievement on its own. When off the field, he serves as the team’s selfie stick too, as we have seen this season.

Asif Ali

Born: 1st October 1991 in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

Asif Ali is one of those players that the audience has been praying for. The team saw a dry patch in their history where they were missing a power hitter. They needed someone who was willing to make that extra swing, tossing the ball out of bounds. Asif Ali is that personality, he is that star player and our saviour. In one of the most recent matches against Afghanistan, the player really went above and beyond. Fans may have expected him to hit high but even they did not anticipate the power performance.

He managed to hit four sixes, consecutively, on four balls. The arena was shaking and we were reminded as to why Asif Ali is such a gem for the team. We may not be the undisputed team in this year’s T20 had it not have been for his splendid performance. He has a huge fan base and people are anticipating his performance in the final matches of the T20 world cup.

Shadab Khan

Born: 4th October 1998 in Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan.

Of course, we cannot mention a list of star players and not talk about Shadab Khan. His performance this season has been one to applaud at. The player has not disappointed anyone here and he has taken quite a lot of wickets in his career so far. He is an allrounder who plays as a right-hand batsman and a leg-break bowler. He has set himself with a record of 6th person to have most wickets in a calendar year. The number is 28.

With a determined spirit and a willingness to win, he is sure to come running at our opponents in the remaining matches.

That said, we hope to see Pakistan move beyond the Semi-finals and step into the finals. If history does, indeed, repeat itself, we may find ourselves playing against England. We all know what happened when such a situation occurred in 1992!

Our love and support are with the Pakistan Cricket Team! Go forth and conquer!