Halloween Special: Top 5 K-Drama’s To Give You The Spooks!

Korean dramas have been making waves in recent years. A great deal of work goes into making a drama in South Korea; from scriptwriting, getting investors, finding the right cast to hiring a great director! These are just a few things that are needed to be done. However, if the script is not accepted, the drama may never see the light of day.

One of many examples would be the current phenomenon “SQUID GAME,” which has become uber-popular not just in South Korea, but globally! The drama may never have made it to the big screen or had such a massive impact on its global audience if Netflix hadn’t picked it up. Did you know, the script for this drama was rejected by producers for a decade before it was aired? All we can say is that Netflix is making all the right moves. Here are some of our favourite K-Dramas to stream during halloween for that dose of spooky and tear-jerker vibes, together!


Sweet Home is a live-action variation of a webtoon. If you’re wondering what a webtoon is, “they are comics on an app by the same name made for easy reading with a focus on mobile phones. They originate from South Korea.” Unlike its name, Sweet Home is far from a sweet story. It’s about an apocalyptic event that blurs the line between humans and monsters! If you want to be reaching the edge of your seat with jumps scares, this drama is perfect for you.

2. Strangers From Hell

As the title states, this drama is about what it’s like living with strangers and how it might just be a death sentence or hell on earth. After watching this drama one thing is sure for us, humans are much more terrifying than ghosts and monsters. Those who look completely normal and kind might just be killers hiding behind a mask.

3. The Guest

A Catholic Priest, a Detective, and a psychic fight against crimes caused by mysterious powers hidden in plain sight. The slightest weakness or strong emotions can cause one to be possessed by evil spirits. The guest will give you goosebumps throughout the night with its great writing, acting and casting. If you want a drama with no love story or romance, just pure character building and long-lasting friendships, then this is for you.

4. Black

The afterlife is abstract to those who can’t see what’s hidden behind a veil unseen to normal eyes. For a woman, born with eyes some may consider a gift, life is full of death. She feels cursed because of her gift to be able to see the unnatural and unseen. Heaven, hell, and beyond may not be as out of reach as we may think. When life and the afterlife get too close for comfort with human greed included, it may just result in a void of happiness for all those involved.

5. Kingdom

A Netflix original historic drama with a twist. Imagine if a zombie outbreak during the Joseon era when Kings and Emperors were seen as Gods, or in some instances, as puppets. When the undead begin to rise and conspiracy is boiling at the surface, who will survive, and is everything really as it seems? This is one of the few Korean Dramas with a second season and a 1 hour and 33 minutes special film featuring an interconnection to the storyline called “Kingdom: Ashin of the North”. A worthy watch!

So are you ready to get the spooks over Halloween?