The New PS5 – Is It Really Better Than The Old One?

The world of gaming is certainly moving forward at a brisk pace. Let’s take a look at how the PS5 model has been altered to make it more economical for the public and the company. Some time back, it had been speculated that Sony was going to alter the design. This was due to the global silicon chip shortage and the PS5 having bulkier contents inside, causing higher shipping costs.

As had been speculated, Sony did release a new model of the console. While the older ones were under the ’10 Series’ model banner, the new ones were under the ’11 Series’. According to sources, Sony had decided to make the new one 300 grams lighter. That is almost half a pound. With that much reduction, there had to be some form of minimalization happening within the console itself. We set both the console specifications side by side and some of the results are quite astonishing.

A New PS5 In Town

Firstly, the weight difference is quite noticeable. If you lift up both the PS5 models simultaneously, you can actually feel the difference in weight. Sony said the console was going to be lighter and they have delivered it. When it comes to the noise that both the consoles make, the newer one is only slightly quieter. However, the difference is not noticeable unless that is what you are looking for. However, when the internal console temperatures were compared, another difference was seen. While the older model was running at 51 degrees celsius, the newer one stood at 55 degrees celsius.

In an enclosed environment, this can make a huge impact on the longevity of the console. If the console is even 2 degrees higher, that means it needs more cooling. Being 4 degrees higher means it definitely needs a whole lot of cooling. If it is left in a tv cabinet for long, it might need to be taken out once every while or so. While there was a slight difference in the wattage of the two consoles, it has not changed performance in any way.

Additional Notable Points

Within the body of the console itself, there is a difference in the blades of the cooling fans. The newer one’s fans are longer and more curved to accommodate the airflow. Even if the temperature is higher than the older one, this fan is present to make sure it can regulate the heat. However, a standard higher temperature means that the console may require more than an optimized fan.

Now, there are further two levels of the PS5 that must be opened before we reach the core chip. On the first level, there is a heat sink present but its size has been reduced by about 20%. Yes, in the newer model, the size of the heatsink is less. If we move further to the second level where the entire core is present, a lot of the heatsinks have been removed in the newer one. Upon weighing just both the cores, there is a difference of about 300 grams. This is where, ladies and gentlemen, the company has decided to reduce cost and weight! You can watch more about this in the video below:

Possible Repercussions For PS5

So, what do these changes mean for the newer console model? From a technical standpoint, lesser heat sinks can be a major issue. The sinks are there to absorb all of the heat that the components generate. This keeps the components themselves away from heat and harm. The heatsinks are a buffer. If one reduces them but the temperature is high, this means that the heat sinks aren’t adequate. Instead of them absorbing heat, the components might be the ones getting hot. Sinks have a high tolerance but some of those microcircuits may not.

From an economic standpoint, this console is certainly saving the company a big amount, especially in shipping costs. 300 grams can accumulate to a lot of kilos when saving weight. Sony has begun to turn a profit on the consoles due to the newer model.

We recommend that, if you do buy it, make sure there are no obstructions to airflow. However, long-term usage is necessary before we can actually say how much the performance is affected due to the reduced components. Everyone deserves a hassle-free gaming experience, especially in next-generation consoles.