PNK’s Favourite Pakistani Drama Artists of the Season

Pakistani dramas

The Pakistani drama industry is enjoying its moment of peak glory at the moment. This season brings with it the impossible choice of having to pick between which Pakistani drama to watch and which one to skip.

From Dunk to Raqeeb Se to Dil Na Umeed tu Nahin – and not to forget Pehli Si Mohabbat, all of them have strong scriptwriting, fantastic direction and power-packed performances. The actors and actresses have successfully performed outstanding executions of their characters, each episode only getting more in synch. Even with dramas focusing on taboo topics or featuring loose direction, our actors have stood tall by delivering flawlessly. Imagine their capabilities with dedicated direction and stronger scripts. 

With the narration of a strong storyline and portrayal of refreshing characters, we thought to pick PNK’s favourite actors from local dramas these days.

Bilal Abbas Khan

Bilal began his career in 2016. In a very short period of time, he made his name amongst the finest actors in the industry. Only a few months back in Ek Jhooti Love Story, a web series, he played a young man who hails from a lower-middle-class background. The highlight of the season for Bilal was the Pakistani drama, Pyar kay Sadkey, where he was shown as a shy and hesitant character. How can we forget the evil Wajih he played in Cheekh! Bilal has shown his range of acting skills and delivers whatever is expected of him immaculately. Currently, even with fewer dialogues, Bilal’s level of maturity as an actor in DUNK is at par with others who have been around for much longer. All in all, he surely knows how to enthral his audience.

Hadiqa Kiani

She came, we saw and she conquered our hearts. Currently, on-air drama, Raqeeb Se is Hadiqa‘s first drama and she has done an extraordinary and phenomenal performance. In every frame, in each scene, she is creating magic with her remarkable acting. She doesn’t need dialogues to mesmerize us, even in scenes where she has nothing to say are so strong that it boggles your mind. Where was this gem hiding until now?

Nauman Ijaz

Words won’t be enough to write about an actor par excellence like Nauman Ijaz. He takes any role and moulds it into gold. Currently, he is gracing our screens with his presence in Dunk, Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahin and Raqeeb Se. If we go on reviewing each drama we will run out of space but definitely not out of praise. His eyes speak when he delivers dialogues, in Raqeeb Se he is stealing the show with his effortless portrayal and we are anxiously waiting for it every Wednesday.

Yumna Zaidi

Yumna has our heart with her delightful smile and charming personality – this girl is not your typical actress. She is smart and calculative, takes on roles with a major margin of acting. With Pyar kay Sadkey as an innocent yet clueless Mahjabeen to an elite escort Sumbal in Dil Na Umeed tu Nahin Yumna does it so naturally that it amazes the audience. 

Ahsan Khan

Qayamat is an example of a below-average drama with a mindless script. Having said that, we are watching it because Ahsan Khan is phenomenal. Whatever role is given to him he polishes it so well, that it starts to shine. Ahsan is an illiterate man with a volatile personality – the way he keeps on lifting his shalwar and says “meter ghoom jayay ga” makes us thoroughly enjoy his character.

Yasra Rizvi

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Yasra Rizvi received the limelight from the web series Churails, where she was strong and ferocious. She has been part of the industry for a decade and is a well-seasoned actor. Yasra these days is starring in two different dramas, Dunk and Dil Na Umeed Tu Nahin, both characters poles apart yet equally powerful. She has taken the audiences’ hearts and mind with both her dramas and we would like to see this power-pack performer more on our screens.

Sania Saeed

It is not easy to write about a legend like Sania Saeed. Once you start writing about Sania and her plethora of work, you just cannot stop – it’s like diving in a river and ultimately getting lost. Hence, focusing on her ongoing drama, Raqeeb Se – this magical piece of art is enthralling the audience by its enigmatic storytelling. Sania knows her craft supremely well, the way she is taking her ‘good woman’ character with all poise and grace is remarkable. Her change in expressions and composure of personality is awe-worthy and makes us desperately await her character to reveal its story.

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