Miracle Morning Routine for a Kick Start to Your Day

Having a dedicated miracle morning routine comes with its own benefits. If we say a healthy start to the morning is the mainstay of a productive day, then we wouldn’t be wrong. In this article, we talk about some healthy additions you can make to your morning routine to kick start your day!

According to several studies, a healthy morning routine not only helps you have a productive day, but also reduces anxiety and stress. Waking up early gives you an ample amount of time to reflect on your goals for the day. Life should be all about making changes for the better, so let’s begin with our mornings.

Success doesn’t come easily and habits don’t change overnight. However, by following this guide you are bound to see positive changes in your mental health and wellness gradually, we assure you.

Wake up Early

Miracle Morning

Did you know, famous authors like Murakami, Jane Austen, Ernest Hemingway have devoted miracle morning routines?

They believe when you wake up early, you have a clear desire to achieve things in your life. Instead of rushing to start your day- set your alarm, you can now give yourself time to focus.

Don’t just plan your work schedule and chores, reflect upon yourself as well. A healthier, mindful thinking process leads to more active brain functions. You have plenty of time to evaluate your task list for the day and this is the first step towards achieving goals.

Make your Bed

Miracle Morning Make Bed
Woman Making Bed

Making your bed is not only therapeutic because there is less thinking involved, it is also a great way to condition yourself towards discipline and tidiness. Make it part of your task of the day in your to-do list. It’s the simplest task of the day which always gives a person a sense of comfort and pride that you achieved one task that that.

Spiritual Connection

Everyone has different beliefs so morning prayers are personal to them in their own way. Now, this could be a reading Quran-e-Pak, Bible, meditation, writing positive daily affirmations, or maybe just sitting silently. It’s a way to connect with the lord and the universe to say thanks for another day. Start your day with a prayer, it will ground you and give you a sense of emotional and mental balance.

Have a good breakfast

If there’s anything to uplift your mood then it’s a good breakfast. Why is breakfast considered the most important meal of the day? It not only breaks your night fast but replenishes your body with glucose which provides the fuel you need for the day ahead.

It shouldn’t be too fancy but something which can make you energetic for the day.

Write a Journal

Journal writing is so underrated. More emphasis should be given to the benefits it provides. Not only does it gives your mind a horizon but lets you express yourself which further nourishes your communication capabilities.

There are many benefits of journal writing like it helps keep your thoughts organized, and helps with destressing. One of the best advantages of writing a journal is that it helps you evaluate your life goals.  

These are the five things that we like to follow to have the miracle morning routine for productivity. To be honest, there are days when we feel down and don’t follow this all. That is fine, we can take a downtime sometimes. However, pick yourself up the next day and start with a positive and focused mindset.

Let us know what your morning is like!